With over ten years of weekly and specialty hosting experience, Four Points Entertainment provides complete trivia night packages for both regular and one-off events.

We have several tried-and-true formats, or can create a new game to fit your venue and clientele. Whether it is weekly night to encourage repeat customers, a special theme night for any occasion, a corporate event or family party, we have the right set-up for you.

Our writers are members of an international co-op of independant trivia hosts, who work together to ensure top-quality questions and presentations. We write our shows individually, and vet them with other hosts to ensure a unique and catered experience for our audiences.

We provide all equipment, answer sheets customized for your event, and any other accessories needed for a complete show. We can also provide prize packages for winning teams, and auxillary games and short interlude entertainment to keep crowds engaged and enthused.

For more information, availability, and pricing, please contact us!

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